The services that we provide to our customers, include all services by starting from consultancy service relating to pre-project investment to solutions about improvement / development for a more effective, efficient and to be profitable in the production cycle of the robot in later stages. In this context:

Consultancy Before Investment

Our qualified team gives support about technical and financial issues for obtaining most effective, efficient and profitable results for our customers in the long-term by considering specific demands of our customers together with effective solutions of our company which is submitted to the changing and dynamic trends in the packaging market to achieve the best results for our customers.

Continuous Monitoring in Production and Quality Control

IML Robot, considers important to the quality and control activities from selection of the moving and fixed components (electrical, electronic, pneumatic, etc.) that affect robot's performance criteria, design, supply and to installation in all process with compliance and quality of other steel, aluminum and plastic apparatus to be connected to the robust steel chassis by designing in understanding of quality and reliable engineering of IML Robot and continues surveillance activities at every stage for perfect production.

Post Production and Pre-Shipment Processes

Specialized software is downloaded to the robot's memory to achieve the required performance criterias after completion of production and performance testings are done until getting the desired results. After the robot performance tests, packaging process begins before shipment. The main structure and auxiliary equipments (conveyors and other options) are packaged carefully to the mode of transport, road condition and the distance at this stage.

Logistics Services

All logistics services (customs, shipping, etc.) that is the responsibility of IML Robot, are organized on time to ensure timely final delivery (except force majeure situations) depending on incoterm and terms of the agreement.

Installation Process

Our qualified technical staff attend at the installation site upon arrival of the robots to the facility simultaneously. The robot is delivered as operating state to your firm authorized technical staff after the completion of robot installation, performance testing, optimization and synchronization with the IMM.

Training and Information

Company's technical staffs are trained as practical and theoretical in relation to usage of the robot after completion of the installation process. Control lists (maintenance program, greasing features etc.) are given for proper operation of the robot after the training.

After Sales Services

If any request on technical support, maintenance and repair, please contact us at

+90 544 657 62 68 +90 212 616 6116